Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MNF causes me need to Blog

I used to keep a diary as a little girl, recapping sleep overs and Little League games (2 runs away from the LLWS, still not over that.) Looking back, I wish I kept one during college so that maybe I would have remembered some of those crazy nights on the Palouse. As far as high school goes, I am pretty sure I am happy I did not keep one (Dear Diary, today I got a dirty look from so and so...) Last night, I watched MNF and witnessed what will probably be a horrible call that I will have to see for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, being a Seattle sports fan (minus UW) the call benefited my Seahawks and gave us the win. Do I feel good about it? No, not at all because I know how crappy it feels to be on the other end of those calls. Do I think we deserve a lucky break every now and then? Yes. I will take it because again, I am a fan of Seattle sports and must I remind you of the 2005 season Superbowl that we got shafted in? Or every Cougar game that breaks my heart? Or how about my favorite Seattle Sonics being taken from us and becoming one of the best teams now in the NBA? Yes, I think we deserve a break just like everyone else deserves one at some point.

What about all of this has caused me to blog? Not the excitement of the win that caused me insomnia last night and not the guilt that I feel because I know how horrible of a call it was. The cause of my blogging has stemmed from my defensiveness of my city and teams. Reading all of these big, bad OL of the Packers bad mouthing the Hawks as if we were the ones in the striped shirts. I get their frustration, but do you really expect Golden Tate and the gang to admit that they reaped the benefits of these replacement refs? C'mon, be serious. Unless you really have no smarts what-so-ever, I think you know Golden knows he didn't catch that.

I never realized how much Social Media riles me up. The week of the Apple Cup, I go back and forth with myself whether or not I should delete my accounts so that I don't have to see all of the trash talking going on between the Cougs and Dawgs. As much as  I want to respond to the smack talking comments, I stay out as much as I can because I know I won't be able to handle the back lashing caused by anything I might say (so maybe blogging is a safe outlet??)

I could go on and on about how trash talking of my city drives me nuts. Or even the commentators that all seem to have it out for Seattle sports (just because you can't point us out on a map doesn't mean you have to hate on us all of the time.) Last night's game has driven me to write down my thoughts and opinions. MNF, changing people's worlds one bad call at a time.

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